Recruiting the Right Staff

March 1, 2019

Employees are your greatest asset. The process of finding the right staff can feel daunting but approaching it with a different mindset can make all the difference.

What would make you click on a job description: a blurb that explains the rewarding and fun atmosphere and responsibilities of the job or “MUST have 5 years’ experience working in childhood education”? This approach may eliminate a preschool teacher with 2 year’s experience with the freshness, skills and vigor to be an asset to your center.

Try this approach, with a title that draws you in:

Use 3-5 adjectives describing the exciting parts of the job:
Do you love to inspire, celebrate successes and being a mentor in a child’s life?
Describe your amazing company:
A new progressive and fun after-school franchise seeks excited applicants with a passion to inspire elementary-aged students. Positive Ally Learning Center® focuses on teaching critical thinking skills with a STEM focus, and extracurricular activities.

Don’t overlook stay-at-home-moms or grandmothers returning to the workforce. Resume gaps usually have an explanation. Volunteer activities with children should count as legitimate work experience, as there is accountability and consistency, key attributes in a great candidate.

Clearly state work and holidays hours in your ad. This detail will save you the time, money and help reduce the chance of making a bad hiring choice. Josh Bersin of Deloitte estimates the cost of losing an employee can range from tens of thousands of dollars to 1.5–2.0x the employee’s annual salary.

Network with everyone. What exactly does that look like? Example:

Adding an automatic signature to all your emails, with a link to apply is a simple and effective way to tell everyone you are starting a business. Google Forms are free and easy to make and that link will give you leads months ahead of hiring crunch time.

John Doe
Positive Ally Learning Center® Director
Now accepting applications for Center opening in May 2019.

Being a sponsor at a library festival, a kid’s festival, or camp expo in your geographical area is invaluable. The sponsor levels are usually minimal in comparison to the value of face-to face exposure, not to mention the pre-event online presence. Hire a face painter, get balloons printed with your logo, and have your collateral ready in your inviting booth. Positive Ally® will provide you with professional collateral that can be easily customized.

Employees are human. Seek qualities in your staff that you seek in your personal life, positivity, reliability, a sense of humor and fun, intelligence and above all else, the knowledge that we are all just one big human family. You get what you give.