Amazing Reasons to Franchise with Positive Ally®

March 1, 2019

Do you love children and want to truly have fun while being financially successful? Is being an independent business owner on your dream horizon? If so, buying and owning a Positive Ally® franchise may be the perfect fit for you.

Consider this 2018 quote about the after-school industry from Forbe’s,” This trend is only likely to continue, with more households where both parents go out to work meaning that the market for after school activities is booming. It’s also an industry sector where there’s no shortage of potential customers – by 2020 the number of children is projected to rise to 80 million and account for approximately 24 percent of the US population.

What are 3 advantages of buying into a Positive Ally® franchise vs. starting a business from the ground up?

It is almost always easier to secure the finances from a lender because they have confidence in an already market-tested brand. Teaming with Positive Ally® which has an established business mode, brand awareness, and consumer trust, means a higher likelihood of success.

We will support you every step of the way. Positive Ally® will help you get up and running in less time than if you attempted to wear the many hats of a first-time entrepreneur on your own.

Consider the roles that Positive Ally® will partner with you on:
Site selection
Marketing collateral – Graphics, logos, branding and marketing collateral guidelines
Community marketing strategy and tactics
Equipment and vendor services
State licensing procedures
Operations procedures and checklists
Staff training

With brand awareness and immediate logo recognition, you are halfway to earning a potential consumer’s trust. We can provide these two essential elements, a process that could take years for a brand-new company. Positive Ally® has already tested the waters for you, giving you peace of mind and focus. We are here to succeed WITH you in a lucrative and fun opportunity!

It is estimated that 42% of small businesses fail because they invested in the wrong idea and failed to test the market. In fact, the percentage of failure increases as you inch towards the 10-year mark. Why attempt it alone, when you could have instant access to a market-tested, unique, and successful business model in a fun and fast-growing industry?