5 Ways to Innovate within a Positive Ally Learning Center Franchise 

December 10, 2019

Being part of a franchise family has many benefits, including the promotion of your newly acquired business. Yet the franchise agreement is a team effort and requires both parties’ dedication. How can a new franchise owner stay within the parameters of the fine print and make the business uniquely their own?

  1. Spread the word in your personal and business circles. No contacts are off-limits when operating your own business. Social media, voicemail messages, even changing your email address signature with your new credentials gets the word out without being overly cloying. Think of it this way: every encounter with a human being is a potential customer, vendor, or employee.
  2. Update that rusty LinkedIn profile with your new business venture and join professional small business groups. Occasionally repost an article or interesting study with a sentence or two with your thoughts.  Blog reposts from large media powers such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Psychology Today, and TED Talks will help you gain credibility, especially childhood development and education-focused articles.
  3. Connect with your local school districts. Join their email list and attend school board meetings. Now is the time, before your center opening, to make these connections. You will eventually cross paths with someone who is interested in your mission. Local parents want to be in the know and even if they don’t need your services, they will refer you.
  4. Get that logo out there! Car magnets, T-shirts, balloons for giveaways and stickers are all reasonably priced promotional items that actually have long legs for exposure. The idea behind exposure is to pique interest. Customers equate familiarity with reliability. That also means that community events with low-entry costs are prime arenas for exposure. For example, set up a table at a neighborhood farmer’s market with your signs, banners and a cute giveaway. Remember to catch the information of potential clients with an email sign-up list.
  5. Get involved in your community with the sole goal of making a difference. People love to patronize businesses that change their community for the better. Arrange a collection of school supplies, books or loose change and then donate it to a school or charity that benefits local children. Promote the good that you are doing on social media, emails, and Google Business posts. Not only will you feel good doing it, but it will show on your face and reflect on your business.

You are an ambassador for your business, but you aren’t alone. Yes, talking about your mission, conveying your excitement, and ultimately, filling seats in your center is your responsibility. But joining an established company such as Positive Ally ensures that you have the goods to back your promises. The program curriculum alone has immense value and will keep your parents and students happy if you follow through with good staffing, honest business policy, and the knowledge that you are making a difference in your community..one student at a time.